Our Skills

Holly IP provides high quality patent services aimed at achieving broad patent protection in the most cost-effective way possible.  Obtaining a patent can be a complex and difficult process, and it can be unnecessarily expensive if is not done properly.  Our knowledge of the patent system combined with our scientific expertise gives us the ability to obtain the best patent protection for our clients in areas of complex technologies.

By understanding how Patent Offices examine patent applications, we can advise our clients on the means to obtain the broadest patent protection.  This ensures that patents of maximum value are obtained.  We treat patents as financial instruments that contribute to a client’s commercial goals.  A patent must fulfil several different roles.  It must provide protection for a client’s activities and products, but also take into account the activities of competitor companies.  A patent adds value to a client company and can help to attract investment.  Obtaining patents in the key areas in which a company operates helps it to establish itself and is evidence of a successful research program.

An effective patent strategy must be based on many different considerations.  We develop strategies based on the resources that are available to our client, the nature of their research program, the countries of interest to them, the activities of their competitors and the market in which they operate.  A key part of the strategy is prediction of the breadth of patent that can be obtained in each territory and advising on the stages at which costs will be incurred.  A patent strategy must also be flexible enough to allow for changes in the market or unexpected research results.

Our strength is our experience in each step of the process to obtain a patent.  We have expertise in drafting new patent applications and in examination proceedings before Patent Offices.  We also have experience in defending granted patents against third parties, in the form of opposition proceedings or litigation.  We are experienced in handling patents in many different countries and can advise clients on how best to obtain patents via International Patent Applications.

From years of working with many different types of company we appreciate that each client has different needs.  We have experience of handling patent applications for small start-up companies, medium sized research companies, universities and large multinationals.  We also have experience of handling European patent applications for foreign patent attorney firms.  This allows us to achieve our central aim of helping our clients use the patent system in the way that is best suited to their goals.