Our Biotech Expertise

One of our specialities is providing patent services in the field of biotechnology.  Obtaining patent protection for biotechnological inventions continues to be challenging and complex.  Non-specialists struggle to understand the nature of the inventions and how best to protect them.  Our years of experience in this area have taught us the best approaches to develop when trying to obtain broad patent protection for biotech inventions.  The essential points are to try to identify all of the different aspects of the invention and the contributions they make.  The relationship between the state of the field at the time of the invention and the contribution which the invention makes can be complicated, and success in examination can depend on how well this is conveyed to the Examiner.

We have experience in handling patent applications relating to many diverse biotech inventions, such as for genes, proteins, organisms, vaccines, diagnostic and therapeutic methods as well as inventions relating to immunology.  We know how best to argue in support of these inventions in examination and how Examiners will react and what types of protection are possible.